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CIKA was founded in April 1980 by three families, to increase the
awareness of cancer in children and to encourage financial support to
aid research into children's cancer.

Whats happening @ CIKA

CIKA's new website will be launched in a few days' time if all goes according to plan. It will contain all of the material that can be found here and much more. It will continue to keep you up to date with our activities and will constitute an historical record of the many generous people who have helped us towards our goal of improving outcomes for those children who suffer the scourge of childhood cancer, and eventually eliminating the disease entirely.

Barb Winsor lives at Sandhurst Golfing Resort near Carrum Downs. She belongs to many clubs at Sandhurst and has been supporting CIKA by getting all her friends in the knitting group to knit baby and children's jumpers for our stalls. This year she has raised over $1000 selling these beautiful bears to almost everyone in the area.

On the evening of March 4, she was at the Garden Club selling the bears and spreading the word about CIKA.

We thank her so much for her amazing support.

Barb Winsor lives at Sandhurst Golfing Resort near Carrum Downs. She belongs to many clubs at Sandhurst and has been supporting CIKA by getting all her friends in the knitting group to knit baby and children's jumpers for our stalls. This year she has raised over $1000 selling these beautiful bears to almost everyone in the area.

On the evening of March 4, she was at the Garden Club selling the bears and spreading the word about CIKA.

We thank her so much for her amazing support.

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We are asking for handbags.
As part of a new fundraiser for The Royal Children’s Hospital we are asking for donations of good quality second hand handbags which will reconditioned and go on sale at a CIKA stall at The RCH.

To arrange the collection of goods contact:

Sandra 0419 369 853 or by email to


Sala 0411 515 119 or by email to

Ruth0409 864 709 or by email to

Please don’t send your items directly to the RCH Foundation, as they have limited storage space.

To download a copy of the flyer, click on the illustration above.

Thanks Willie for another generous donation of beautiful hand made items for the CIKA stalls. How lucky are we to have such kind and thoughtful supporters.

Ongoing Support for CIKA
Farm Foods is a Geelong based, locally owned and operated meat manufacturing business that produces high quality meat and plant based products. Through a special connection between Nick Kerr, one of the owners of Farm Foods and childhood friend Shawn Lehrer, a cancer survivor who has been battling his illness since childhood, Farm Foods has formed a strong relationship with CIKA and the Royal Children’s Hospital.
In 2019, Farm Foods will be dedicating a portion of sales from their new NextGen plant-based brand available exclusively at Woolworths.

Find out more at
Shawn and Nick in 1991.

CIKA has supporters from many different walks of life: work and business, and the following story shows how a conversation between CIKA committee member Ruth and her local postie evolved into a show of strength and support for our fundraising. Ruth lives in Bendigo and a conversation about CIKA with her local postie Chris Hunter drew an invitation to speak to the Bendigo posties about CIKA and the research we fund.

To read more,
please click here.

CIKA is indeed fortunate to have the support of so many generous people who enable us to achieve our goal of supporting research into the causes and cure of childhood cancer. Among these wonderful supporters are Martha and Michael who provide CIKA member Pam Phillips with goods for sale on her market stalls at The Pines Shopping Centre and, from time to time, in the foyer of the RCH. They are seen here delivering a load of teddy bears. We are so grateful to them for their efforts on our behalf. To see photographs of their delightful soft toys, please click here.

Click here to see Katrina's parents and sister.
Vale Lois Tasker.
Lois was a wife, a mother and a woman who became inspired to found CIKA along with her husband, John, and two other couples after her daughter, Katie, died from cancer in 1976. Katie's love of butterflies is commemorated in our logo. Lois passed away in October and several CIKA members attended her funeral on November 2nd.

CIKA was founded in April 1980 and we are greatly indebted to Lois and John, who died last year, and to the other families who had the vision to start this project.

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We now have a new helper at most of our Trentham Markets. In November, this little star presented stall manager, Ruth Edelsten, with an envelope containing money for CIKA. She raised it by making lemonade and selling outside her home in Gisborne. She is pictured with her Nanny Kaye Butterley; she is also the granddaughter of long-time CIKA supporter Lesley Mckibbin who, sadly, passed away in March 2018.

Photographs taken at the Trentham market stalls can be found by clicking here.

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Members of the Macedon Ranges Focus Group welcomed CIKA's patron, Peter Mitchell, to their October luncheon. Peter talked about his life in the media and regaled us with stories about the different areas he that has covered, before answering questions from the full house of attendees. We were delighted that Peter's charming wife was also able to attend.

You can read about the Focus Group's recent activities
by clicking here.

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Now in its thirteenth year the Young Entrepeneurs in year nine at Methodist Ladies' College in Kew have spent part of term four in providing generous support for CIKA. They plan and prepare to raise funds for us in a concerted effort over several weeks by "Cooking for Cash".This has contributed over $15,000 to date. The CIKA team values this ongoing commitment and each year we welcome the students who work on these projects to The RCH to thank them for their work and the money that they donate to our research projects. Special thanks to teacher Deb Hudson for her work on this and also to Sue Hunt, Mary Mc Gowan and Shannon Corby of the RCH for talking to the students about the Impact of Giving.

Read more about MLC's fund-raising efforts by clicking here.

CIKA goodies were on the move in August as our enthusiastic volunteers moved stock for the stalls that were run in the Hospital foyer, at the Trentham Market, and at the Pines Shopping Centre in East Doncaster. Here is a trailer load of donated goods for the stalls on its way to being sorted for distribution.

The annual Focus luncheon at The Highlands Hotel Craigieburn was again a great success with many members travelling on the bus organised for the occasion. It was a great opportunity for friends to catch up and enjoy a lovely meal together. Well done to Focus President, Robyn, for organising it. CIKA was well represented, with our treasurer, Steve Halligan, winning the door prize. For more photographs, please click here.

Photographs taken at The Pines Shopping Centre stalls can be found by clicking here.

This site was last updated on 23 March 2019.

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Planning is well underway for the 2019 Wood Days which will take place on November 9 and 10. For details or to download a flyer, please click here.

A new venue for CIKA stalls.
Starting on Saturday February 23, CIKA stalwart Ruth Edelsten will be running a fund-raising stall at the Kangaroo Flat Uniting Church on the corner of High and Camp Streets from 8 a.m., until 1 p.m. If you live nearby, why not pop along, inspect the goods on sale and help Ruth to support research into finding a cure for childhood cancers?

The dates of all of CIKA's stalls can be found
by clicking here.

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You would like to donate to CIKA

but don't have any small change to drop into one of our shaker tins? We know that this happens from time to time so we are trialling a new way of making a small donation to CIKA.

CIKA is proud to be selected as the organisation to support via tap and donate portals at two BP petrol stations:
inbound on the Peninsula Link Freeway,
outbound on the Princes Freeway at Officer.

Tap and Donate is an easy way to make a two dollar tax deductible donation to CIKA. Simply tap your Mastercard or Visa credit or debit card on the contactless payment donation point.

So far the trial is proving successful, so if you are passing either of these locations, why not drop in, fill up, or simply stop for a coffee, donate, and try out the system by donating $2 to CIKA? (Or 4, or 6 ...)

Yvonne is 79 years young. She has a creative mind and skilled craft hands which have produced many a fine piece of art work over the years. Yvonne was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease several years ago but has maintained her creativity by knitting to her heart's content in support of others in need. We, the CIKA team, are most appreciative of Yvonne for coming on board to knit for the our stalls, which, at present, can be found in the RCH foyer four times a month.

Pam Phillips' grandchildren are enthusiastic fundraisers for the RCH. As well as helping Pam from time to time with her market stalls, they participate in the Good Friday fund raising drive organised by their school. You read more and see larger photographs by clicking here.

Congratulations to Jamison who took on the challenge to choose kind. The result of his initiative was a donation to CIKA of $1,000. Thank you so much to the Choose kind team for their amazing donation, and to Jamison for choosing kind and for selecting CIKA as his recipient. You can read more about Jamison's kindness by clicking here.

Why not sign up to CIKA's e-Newsletter? You can subscribe by clicking here.

Mahala has more than doubled her target by raising $2,500 for CIKA. Thank you Mahala. Please click here to read Mahala’s Story.

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We love the Arena boys at O'Heas Bakery and Deli at 203-205 O'Hea Street in Pascoe Vale. Dom, Nick, Joe and Jim have been great tin shakers for CIKA for nearly ten years and always order several tins at a time. The Deli has undergone a complete renovation but is still serving the fabulous bakery items for which they are renowned. A big thanks from CIKA for the constant support from the team at O'Heas.

For a photograph of their range of delicious products,
please click here.

CIKA's stalls held each month in the foyer of the Royal Children's Hospital and those at Trentham Railway Station, at The Pines Shopping Centre, at the Kangaroo Flat Uniting Church, and from time to time at other venues, are a very important part of CIKA's fundraising activities. We are most grateful to our hardworking members who contribute to their success.

If you can help with a donation of goods or if you would like to join the volunteer team, please contact Pam Phillips on 0418 344 223 or Sala Rubinstein on 0411 515 119.

More information about the RCH stall and some recent photographs can be found by clicking here. The stall dates can be found by clicking here.

Photographs taken at The Pines Shopping Centre stalls can be found by clicking here.

Photographs taken at the Trentham market stalls can be found by clicking here.

Details of some of CIKA's other past events are archived on our "Past Events" page which can be reached by clicking here.

CIKA's Children
Over 140 children under 15 years of age are diagnosed with cancer each year in Victoria and 90% of these children are treated at the Royal Children's Hospital. The CIKA children have all battled cancer. You can read some of their stories here.

Thomas Carafa

Read stories >>

Stall dates.

CIKA funded research

CIKA is one hundred percent run by volunteers, so our generous donors can be sure that everything that they give goes where they intend.

You can read about the research being supported by CIKA by clicking on this link to the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute's website.

We need your help
Donate now
You can show your support for CIKA by making a donation. No donation is too small as there is a constant need for small items to support the research that we are funding.

100% of money raised by CIKA supports our research efforts. CIKA is an official fundraising group of the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation and all donations over $2 are fully tax deductible.

Leica microscope
In May 2013, the CIKA coach drive provided funding for the purchase of a Leica microscope and accessories. It was very quickly put into action and in November we received a report on its use to examine the morphology of cells derived from tumour biopsies. To learn more, please click here.

Translational Research Centre
In 2013, CIKA committed to a three year project for the establishment of a Translational Research Centre in Paediatric Solid Tumours, to be conducted through a partnership between The Royal Children’s Cancer Centre and Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

By working together we hope to realize our common vision, that through research we can not only improve treatment, but also discover a way to prevent childhood tumours.


Louise Ludlow commenced as the Children’s Cancer Centre Tumour Bank Coordinator in August 2013. To learn more about the tumour bank at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute, funded by CIKA, please click here. To visit the MCRI web page, please click here.

Researcher Anna Czajko is seen here operating the microscope purchased in 2013 with funds raised by CIKA.

Researcher Alex Sexton-Oates is currently working towards a Ph.D., based on her research at the MCRI.

Researcher Leah Morenos. You can read Leah's research biography by clicking here.

Boris Novakovic worked as a researcher until early in 2014.

Yosuke Minoda worked as a research assistant in the Children's Cancer Centre until March 2012. He is now working towards his Ph.D., at the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute in Ballarat. To read more, please click here.

Researcher Vinod Dagar worked as a researcher until 2011.

Click here to read about some of the many groups and individuals who support CIKA.

To see a list of our sponsors, click here.