2009 Wood Days' Photographs

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2009 Wood Days' Photographs - Cancer in Kids @ RCH - CIKA

2009 Wood Days

We are grateful to Dean Duyvestyn for these photographs, selected from the many that he took on 14 and 15 November.

It was a great weekend for
the children ...

... and the animals.

New skills were learned ...

... and old ones passed on.

Setting up the produce stall.

It must be lunch time.

Time to relax ...

... or stand in a queue.

Something's cooking, the old fashioned
way. (Actually, it's the shower water!)

Tea will soon be ready.

The wood choppers have taken a well deserved break ...

... and the horses.

Even the tractor is taking a break.

CIKA committee member, Steve Lehrer, relaxes in the shade ...
... and Andrew chats with friends.

The tractor has obviously
just started up ...

... but it can't match this ...

... and neither can the campfire!

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