2010 Market Night

CIKA is committed to providing funding for research into solid tumours

2010 Market Night - Cancer in Kids @ RCH - CIKA

Christmas Market Night, November 2010.

Here is Ruth Murray's report on this highly successful event.

Last year I attended a Christmas Market Night for another charity and decided that Sharron and I could do that….only better! I suggested this to Sharron and she immediately agreed and the CIKA Christmas Market was born.

Many a day was spent in the car scouring warehouses all over Melbourne looking for product, sitting in the warehouse up to our armpits in cello, ribbon and raffia (thanks also to our helpers Suzanne Hughes and Lynette Boyd), and begging Peter’s staff to move pallets or to allow us to have one more pallet space in the warehouse. The rest is now history.

On Friday Night 26th of November we opened our home to trestles of sunglasses, Christmas decorations, heat bags, crockery, candles, handbags, handmade jewellery, farm fresh vegetables, skincare gift packs, kids’ stationery, preserves, Christmas produce, raffles, a sausage sizzle and of course the mandatory glass of champagne or two.

As peopled weaved their way through the shopping strip (lounge room and family room) it could only be called at times a shopping frenzy. When they finally reached the back of the house they were able to sit and chat on the back verandah and enjoy the hospitality with friends.

Overall it was a very successful evening not only for raising over $5,500 but also for the promotion of CIKA as there was so much warmth in the room from so many of our caring friends. It was wonderful also to welcome
Rafael, one of our very special children and his wonderful family into our home. He appeared in the local media to promote this event.

Sharron and I would like to thank the Markovic and Murray Families for all the support they have given us (time off home duties), the staff at Ausinc, Quay Eyeware, University Meats, Rob Murray, The Velisha Family, Margaret McCormick (Madge), Lauren Bittner, Nerida, Rosa Angelone, Sarah , Lauren, Caitrin, Ruby, Olivia, Grace, Val, Janine, Jessica, Lisa, Suzanne, William, Mary Mac and of course all the fantastic CIKA Family who all just made it happen. I apologise to anyone who I may have not listed. Last and certainly not least, thankyou to all our friends and to their friends for supporting this event and making it such a success.

Sharron and Ruth surrounded by boxes after unpacking the goodies for sale ...

... though not everything came in a box.
All set up and ready to go.
Candles from Partylite.
Selling was fast and furious at times.
The barbeque provided a respite for some.
Another moment of relaxation.

Before unpacking started.

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