2011 Ball Pictures

CIKA is committed to providing funding for research into solid tumours

2011 Ball Pictures - Cancer in Kids @ RCH - CIKA

The 2011 Blue and Orange Ball, held at the Sebel Hotel on 10 September raised $107,000. Here are some photographs taken during the evening. Once again we thank Happy Medium for supplying them.

Guests were welcomed by the prize-winning Trinity Grammar School Jazz ensemble led by Jonathon Skourletos (guitar) with Andy Zeng (alto saxophone), Alex Faithfull (bass), Bijan Khariwala (percussion) and Hugh Curnow (keyboard).

The foyer was a hive of activity before, during and after the event.

The silent auction, set up at one end ot the foyer, was soon invisible behind a crowd of buyers. Fortunately, we got this photograph before the ropes were removed.

The merchandise stalls at the other end were capably managed by members of CIKA's hardworking volunteer team.
The Tumour bank receiced deposits amounting to over $18,000 ...
... while guests tried their skill (or luck) in snaring a bottle of wine with a quoit.

Fred and Leah Bergmann managed the raffle stall and soon turned forty dollars ...

... into several thousand.

Inside the diningroom ...

... CIKA Vice-President, Ellen Webb spoke of the importance of CIKA's work in funding research at the RCH ...

... and long-time CIKA supporter and platinum sponsor, Israel Rosenfield, exhorted guests to give generously, backing this up with his own cheque.

Dr Keith Waters from the Paediatric Oncology Department is well known to childhood cancer sufferers and their families.

His message was reinforced in a moving speech from cancer survivor, Daniel.
Victor Brown from the Woodpeckers explained the importance of groups like CIKA in improving outcomes ...
... and followed up by presenting his cheque to CIKA President, Sandra Lehrer.

On the lighter side, ...

... master of ceremonies, CIKA Patron Peter Mitchell from the Channel 7 Newsroom, was assited in a game of "Heads and Tails" by Channel 7 Weatherman, David Brown.

Tension mounted as they reduced the number of contestants to five, ...
... then three,
... then two, ...

... and the lucky winner was ...

As always, the main event of the evening was the Grand Auction in which goods donated by a range of very generous supporters attracted vigourous bidding.

Auctioner Will Fowles whipped up a bidding frenzy.

Goods like this beautiful work donated by artist Jos Law were displayed by members of the volunteer team.

Bob Valentine and his band entertained the crowd in fine style.

He is seen here with his vocalist daughter.

Guests included people from the CIKA family and the RCH.

Lois and John Tasker are two of the founding members.
Catherine Chang of iwood Australia seen here with partner, Michael, is a recent and much valued addition to the committee.

The Duyvestyn family are long-term CIKA members, best known for their organisation of the "Old Time Wood Days".

The RCH team included, Keith Waters, Rebecca Hardford from Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, Yusoki Minoda, Denise Caruso and Mary McGowan.

Ruth Murray who manages the CIKA monthly stall at the RCH is seen here with husband, Peter.
The raffle draw was conducted by David Brown and Peter Mitchell.

The evening ended out in the foyer ...

... where RCH Auxilliary Members, Ellie, Janelle and Laurel-Leigh dealt with the
winning bids in the silent auction.

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A report on the 2010 Blue and Orange Ball can be found by clicking here.

Funds are currently being used to fund research into solid tumours in children. Details of this research can be found by clicking here.

Keith described the improved outcomes for childhood cancer sufferers for whom survival rates have increased from twenty to eighty percent over his working lifetime. CIKA will not be satisfied until this figure is one hundred percent.