2018 Wood Days

CIKA is committed to providing funding for research into solid tumours

2018 Wood Days - Cancer in Kids @ RCH - CIKA

The 2018 Wood Days, run as usual by the indefatigable Andrew and Christine Duyvestyn on the weekend of 10-11 November, were, as expected, a huge success. Andrew and Christine have a tried and tested formula which, with a few variations from year to year, has enabled them to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for CIKA's support of the Royal Children's Hospital. They have a loyal band of helpers and people come from all over Victoria to participate in what is well known as a fun-filled weekend.

Last year's successful Heywood Tractor Trek was repeated as a precursor to this year's event and, once again, brought participants from far and wide.

The event was reported in the Portland Observer and you can read the article
by clicking here.

The 2019 Wood Days calendar sold well which is unsurprising as its $5 price remains unchanged from previous years and the quality is as good as ever.

Once again we are grateful to Daniel Burke from Graphic Impressions, whose initiative this was many years ago, to Spicers for paper, and Marvel Impressions and Zeena Lakhani for the design of the calendar. The annual print run of two thousand calendar adds $10,000 to the amount that CIKA can contribute to the research that we fund in our ongoing fight to find a cure for childhood cancer.

This year we can show you a photograph of the back of the calendar as well. We hope that you like it as much as the front.

You can read about the 2017 event by clicking here.

Don't forget to check out the Wood Days Face book page about the Wood Days by clicking here. We hope this gives people who have never had the good fortune to attend an insight into what takes place and stimulates them to come along next year and see it all happening.

To read Rod Shepherd's description of the origins of the very successful "Wood Days" that have contributed so much to CIKA's fundraising efforts for over two decades, click here.