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CIKA Supporters

CIKA is indebted to our many supporters who give so generously. Large and small donations of time, money or goods and services are important in reaching our fundraising goals.

On this page we showcase some of the fundraising work done by individuals and groups who support CIKA.

Airservices Australia
Throughout June 2014 Melbourne staff at Airservices Australia generously
supported 'Loud Shirt Day', raising $1371.95 for research into childhood cancers
at the Royal Children's Hospital. CIKA is most grateful for their fund-raising
efforts. To read more,
please click here.

Angela and her birthday guests
Sala Rubinstein (right), who has been a CIKA committee member for some years, was delighted when her best friend, Angela, announced that no one was to bring presents to her sixtieth birthday party to be held in a restaurant in Hampton, but that they were to donate to CIKA. In addition, there were some games, a lucky chair and a silent auction for a dinner for six at which Sala will be the maid for the night. Everyone enjoyed the fun night and Angela and Sala were thrilled by the generosity of the guests. A total of $775 was raised for CIKA and six lucky people have another dinner to look forward to.

Thank you Angela and Sala.

Audrey and Carol
Mother and daughter, Audrey and Carol, live together and have been knitting and crocheting for charity for almost their entire lifetimes. Audrey who is 86 years old started knitting scarves and beanies for soldiers in WW2. Carol was inspired by her Mum and remembers knitting her first jumper when she was in grade 4 (at about nine years old) and has been knitting and crocheting ever since.

Carol works full time and takes her crocheting with her each day, to work on during her lunch break. Then in the evenings whilst sitting in front of the television together, they knit and crochet away, creating exquisite baby clothes, toddlers’ jumpers and cardigans, and baby rugs and shawls. Many of these items have ended up on the CIKA stall at the RCH, raising money for research and equipment.

As well as the pleasure that they gain by making this wonderful contribution, their tireless and continuous efforts over the years are much appreciated by all. We are sure the recipients of any of their beautifully crafted garments are also pleased to have received them. Thank you Audrey and Carol.

Barb and Andrew Rosza
Barb and Andrew Rosza and their friends at the Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron have been supporting CIKA since 2012. Their first event was the sellout Sorrento Soirée which you can read about by clicking here.

In February 2016, they were joined by sixteen Sailability volunteers and their partners on ther third annual CIKA fundraising cruise to Queenscliff, sailing on two yachts, Amalie and Ameerah. They were blessed with blue skies and fair winds as they sailed across the Bay to Queenscliff Cruising Yacht Club where a BBQ lunch was enjoyed by all. The cruise raised $800 for CIKA and barbara reports that she and Andrew always get great joy out of putting this event together. Thank you both.

Bendigo Posties
CIKA has supporters from many different walks of life: work and business, and the following story shows how a conversation between CIKA committee member Ruth and her local postie evolved into a show of strength and support for our fundraising. Ruth lives in Bendigo and a conversation about CIKA with her local postie Chris Hunter drew an invitation to speak to the Bendigo posties about CIKA and the research we fund.

An offer was made in 2017 for CIKA to benefit from a monthly raffle when the posties get together and this initiative was fully supported and encouraged by Bill McGavock, the manager of Bendigo Delivery Network with Australia Post. So each month in the early morning, raffles are held using donated products which have included meat, hampers and even a child's bike, with all of the proceeds going to CIKA.

In the depths of winter a beanie sale takes place at the posties' work place and this is undertaken with a sense of fun! The result from 2017 was $1,000 and we were overwhelmed to receive a cheque for $2,000, which is a stunning result from all the fundraising from 2018.

Thank you to all the Bendigo posties for their enthusiasm and commitment to supporting CIKA and we welcome them on board for another year of fundraising for us in 2019.

Bill McGavock, Bendigo Delivery Network manager,
addresses the monthly meeting, watched by Ruth.

The monthly get together.

Ruth and her postie Chris.

Bessiebelle Quilters
During a visit by CIKA to the Macarthur and District Lions Club early in 2011, Glenys Sharrock of the Bessiebelle Quilters introduced herself to CIKA President, Sandra Lehrer, offering to donate quilts to be used in CIKA raffles. A subsequent meeting at the 2011 Old Time Wood Days provided an opportuinty to learn more about the Bessiebelle Quilters which was formed in 1991 after a group of local women had been meeting informally for some years and had been learning their craft from a local identity.

Once the group started meeting regularly they concentrated on perfecting their patchwork skills and when they were confident in their technique they made contact with Jacqui Malseed at The Royal Children’s Hospital who encouraged the group to make quilts for children who were recovering from cancer treatment at home.

The group has made many quilts to raise funds for charities. Amongst those are
Make A Wish, Warrnambool Palliative Care and Peter's Project, a local initiative that will
see a cancer centre established in
Warrnambool. Naturally, this is a project very
dear to their heart.

From time to time members of the quilters move on and prior to their move the group produces a combined effort on a special quilt that reflects the time spent and the friendships made within the group.
The Bessiebelle Quilters.

Left to Right: Jan Petersen, Cheryl Hill,
Heather Rowbottom, Diane Cowland,
Carmel Jasper, Gail Down,
Glenys Sharrock and Sandra Boshma.

Beverley and David from Warrandyte
are unsung heroes who have made substantial donations to CIKA over many years. We thank them most sincerely for their generosity.

Bev Garratt and the South East Metropolitan Region Community Work Team
Beverley Garratt has, for many years, been a passionate advocate for the work we do. She approached us in early 2012 with a unique fundraising idea which raised money for CIKA and resulted in the South East Metropolitan Region Community Work Team being awarded second palce in the 2013 Corrections Victoria Community Work Partnership Awards. To read more, please click here.

2015 saw another great fundraising initiative from the team. You can read about it by clicking here.

On 14 October of that year, a group from CIKA attended an afternoon tea to celebrate our ongoing relationship with the Department of Justice, South East Metropolitan Region. Seen here, left to right, are Danka (SEMR), Sandra, Faye (CIKA), Bev (SEMR), Renata and Faye (CIKA). The event provided Sandra with the opportunity to thank Bev for the longstanding working partnership between the two groups.

At the end of July 2016 Bev Garratt and her team visited the RCH for a chat, morning tea and a ground tour. It was great to have a conversation with the women in the programme and to hear how they feel about the involvement with CIKA. Many thanks for the hospitality that Michelle and Lucia provided for our guests and to Ellen for her presentation and Julie for her involvement.

Cardinia Waters Village residents

Cardinia Waters Village is the home of several of CIKA's generous
supporters. Whenever CIKA member Pam Phillips pays them a visit,
she is showered with items to sell on her popular stalls. Particularly
saleable are the beautiful hand-made dolls shown here. You can
learn more
by clicking here.

Chantelle and Harvey
Pam Phillips has been a CIKA member for many years during which her fundraising has contributed tens of thousands of dollars to childhood cancer research. Her grandchildren, Chantelle and Harvey have been following in her footsteps for quite some time. In their younger days they were enthusiastic helpers at her market stalls. As teenagers, they attend Yarra Valley Grammar School which, each year, undertakes a huge fund raising drive in support of the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday appeal. Students go from house to house door knocking in Ringwood and the surrounding suburbs. In 2018, Harvey’s group doorknocked in Nunawading and Chantelle’s group in Kilsyth. Parents Michelle and Brett, who are also long-time CIKA supporters, drove them to the various locations nominated by the school where almost every household donated, even if only a few coins.
Chantelle and her school friends covered many miles knocking on doors and shaking tins .

Harvey is shown here out collecting for the Good Friday appeal with his school friends.

Christine and Andrew Duyvestyn
As well as being real power houses when it comes to CIKA, Christine and Andrew Duyvestyn have, for many years, been involved with a broad range of volunteer works throughout their local area. In recognition of this of this community involvement they were named the 2015 Moyne Shire Australia Day Citizens of the year. This award recognizes the outstanding service and contribution to their local community over a number of years by an individual or individuals. It comes hard on the heels of their receipt of the Madge Tate award from the Royal Children's Hospital. (Photograph at right.) The CIKA team congratulates them on their achievement. This recognition is well deserved. To read the citation, please click here.

Background information can be read by clicking here.

Among the many activities that Christine and Andrew have organised to support CIKA are the CIKA Coach Drive and the annual Old Time Wood Days. You can read about them by clicking on the links above.

Dymitha at the Marong General Store
Dymitha has a unique way of getting on board with CIKA. In 2013 slabs of cypress cut at the Wood Days were transported to Marong and converted to the outdoor furniture that you see here. To assist with fundraising Dymitha has displayed information about CIKA and has shaker tins for those wishing to donate.

They are busy people at the store but they have time for CIKA. Well done.

Emily Graham
Emily has been fundraising for CIKA since 2010. She is seen here receiving a certificate of appreciation from CIKA president, Sandra Lehrer. In 2014, while working her gap year at the family store in Nhill, she set aside an area for the sale of donated product for us. We congratulate Emily on her fundraising efforts and look forward to her continued support while she continues her studies in Melbourne. Thank you Emily, it is wonderful people like you who help to make a difference.

ExxonMobil and Scott Duyvestyn

Scott applied again in 2017 and was, once again, successful. We are most grateful to ExxonMobil for the recognition that they give their employees who volunteer in the community and we appreciate Scott's support for the CIKA team.

Scott's journey is personal and whilst it is many years since his brother Dean was diagnosed with cancer Scott continues to try to have an impact on CIKA's mission to " Fund Research, Find A Cure "

Visit the ExxonMobil website

ExxonMobil recognised the work of their employee, Scott Duyvestyn, by donating $1,000 to support our research funding effort. Scott has been an enthusiastic supporter of CIKA for many years but his greatest involvement is with the “Old Time Wood Days” that are held in Milltown in November each year, organised by his parents, CIKA members Andrew and Christine. The photograph at left shows Scott in action in Milltown. We thank Scott for considering CIKA in his application for the 2014 ExxonMobil Australia Volunteer Involvement Program.

Finn Grant
Finn Grant and his family built this beautiful miniature coach as a billy cart. It is a replica of the coach that was driven from Port fairy to Melbourne to raise money for CIKA in August 2013. It was entered in the Port Fairy New Years Eve parade and won the prize for recycling. After the parade Finn raised $70 by allowing people to take photos of their children on it. A great effort.

Herb Gallina
Herb Gallina raised over three thousand dollars by asking guests at his Blue and White 50th birthday party for donations for CIKA instead of gifts. His generous friends gave a total of $3,260. What a fantastic effort.


Left: Jamison's kindness jar, filled to overflowing.

Congratulations to Jamison who took on the challenge to choose kind. Inspired by the book and subsequent movie "Wonder", he set about finding ways to be kind to others and filling up his 'kindness jar'. As a result he won the choose kind competition and was awarded $1000 for charity. He chose CIKA as a recipient, as he often sees how much hard work his grandparents and other volunteers put in raising money for research into childhood cancers, and often asks to get involved.

"Wonder" is a powerful story of a young boy named Auggie who, due to a medical condition, looks a little different from other kids. After being home-schooled for several years, he sets about the challenge of navigating his way through traditional school and dealing with the reactions of others who see him on the 'outside'. The story is told from the viewpoints of a number of characters, and provides a greater understanding of how others are sometimes quick to judge.

It is a story that teaches children about acceptance, empathy and kindness, and, most importantly, it's what's on the 'inside' that counts!

Thank you so much to the choose kind team for their amazing donation, and to Jamison for choosing kind and for selecting CIKA as his recipient. You can visit the Choose kind website
by clicking here.

Janetta Sutton
CIKA is proud to have many supporters in rural areas and we are fortunate to have a very dedicated friend in Janetta Sutton who lives in Euston. Janetta is very creative and has surprised us with packages of very different
product that is sold on the CIKA stalls.
Here is a photograph of the Christmas goodies that have just arrived in time for Andy's Market in iNovember 2014. We are indebted to our many volunteers like Janetta who keep us supplied with product to sell. Thank you.

Joshua Brooks Duncan
Joshua Brooks Duncan, seen here with his grandfather Israel Rosenfield, started fundraising for CIKA in 2008 at the age of thirteen. He told his story at the CIKA ball in September of that year when he raised $2,800 by auctioning two packets of snakes, bringing his total to nearly nine thousand dollars. You can read his story by clicking here.

In December 2017 he took on the hardest challenge in cycling, Everesting, in order to raise more money for CIKA. Click here to learn more.

Kay Rawlinson
Kay Rawlinson has contributed a multitude of goods for sale by CIKA as part of our fundraising effort.
Please click here to read more about Kay.

Lesley McKibbin
Lesley was, for many years, one of CIKA's most dedicated supporters. Lesley was a great advocate and her fund raising started many years ago with her bike rides around Victoria and beyond when she very proudly wore the CIKA logo on her vest. She continued with other fund-raising activities including the luncheons at Crown that subsequently morphed into the Cragieburn luncheon. She was always the sales woman, with RCH bags or Wood Days calendars to sell.

Sadly, Lesley lost her battle with cancer on 12 March 2018. We shall miss her terribly. She had a very engaging personality and from the first time you met her you felt like you had known her forever.

Click here to see Katrina's parents and sister.

Macarthur and District Lions Club

Lions Club members are well known for rolling up their sleeves and getting onto projects, and CIKA welcomes the continuing participation of Lions Club District 201v2.

In 2011, members of the Macarthur and District Lions Club in Victoria's Western District presented CIKA with a cheque for $500 to help fund research in the Children's Cancer Centre (photo below).

In 2013, this district supported the entire journey of the
CIKA Coach Drive with the provision of meals and donations.

In 2014, under the care of District Governor Phillip Johnson, club members worked hard to fund the provision of a
Lightcycler 480 Real Time PCR.

In 2015, as Immediate Past District Governor, Phillip Johnson, and his wife Anne, attended the CIKA Lab Day to hand over a cheque for $32,000 for the purchase of the Lightcycler.

We are grateful for the work that Phillip does for the community and we value the conversations he has with many Lions Clubs about CIKA's activites aimed at funding research into childhood cancer. We also appreciate his attendance at numerous CIKA functions over the years.

In 2016, as Immediate Past District Governor, Phillip Johnson, and his wife Anne, visited the RCH and MCRI to attend a thank-you afternoon tea in recognition of the donation of over $34,000 raised by the district.

Click here to read more.

Macedon Ranges Focus Group
The Macedon Ranges Focus Group annual
Christmas luncheon is always a wonderful event which sees CIKA overwhelmed with the donations. We are so fortunate to have such great support from this magnificent group of people.

Their 2009 donation helped to support the purchase of much-needed research equipment.
Click here to read more.

In 2010 Group members participated in the Robe-to-Bendigo bike ride which raised $3,259.50.
For more click here.

In addition to this, the Group presented CIKA with
a cheque for $5,000 and Vice President Gwen Kakafikas personally donated a further $1,000.

Click here for some photographs of the 2010 Christmas luncheon and presentation.

The June 2011 Focus luncheon gave over 90 guests the opportunity to hear CIKA Patron Peter Mitchell talk about his work in the media. Thank you to those that made the effort to attend. We were well rewarded with an interesting speech and great fellowship. Click here to see some pictures of the event.

2011 bike ride

Chris Rhodes and friends

2010 Christmas luncheon

June 2011 luncheon

The 2011 Warrnambool-to-Ballarat bike ride, completed on 24th November, raised $7,300. The riders are seen here taking a well-deserved rest at Lake Wendouree in Ballarat. For a full report and some photographs, click here.

Their Christmas lunch has long been a popular event and a great fund-raiser for CIKA. Group President, Chris Rhodes, is seen here with the Santas that she knitted to raise money for the annual donation. The 2011 lunch took place on Friday 9th December. Click here for details and photographs.

Two more luncheons held at the Crown Casino during 2012 raised over $2,000. For details and picures, click here.

On Sunday 20th May 2012 a group of riding friends met in Shepparton to have some fun and to raise awareness of CIKA. After booking into the Courtyard Motor Inn in Wyndham St, the group went for an enjoyable ride around the local bike paths. The following day found them on their way to Dookie where they were joined by a Shepparton friend for the return trip.

On Tuesday the group was further augmented by two locals for a ride to Tatura via Toolamba. Along the way the riders were met by a reporter from the Shepparton News which resulted in an interesting article appearing in the Wednesday edition.
This can be read by clicking here.

On Wednesday the bikes were taken by car to Murchison for a ride to Nagambie for lunch. The return trip was made a little more challenging by a strong head wind, but the riders pedalled on undeterred.

As well as having a lot of fun, the riders raised awareness of CIKA and its mission, which, for them, was the most important part of the activity. In addition to this, they raised $540.00. In the words of rider Lesley McKibbin, "It is very rewarding when people come up to you in the street to give you a donation". They hope to undertake another fund-raising ride later in the year.

The group would like to thank the owners of the
Courtyard Motor Inn for their generosity and for looking after them all so well.

CIKA says big thank you to all who took part. What a wonderful group you are.

For details of the Macedon Ranges Focus Group's 2012 fund-raising luncheons, please click here.

For details of the Macedon Ranges Focus Group's 2013 fund-raising luncheons, please click here.

For details of the Macedon Ranges Focus Group's 2014 fund-raising luncheons, please click here.

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For details of the Macedon Ranges Focus Group's 2015 visit to the RCH, please click here.

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For details of the Macedon Ranges Focus Group's 2018 events, please click here.

Mahala Stickland
In November 2016 we received an email from Nicole, the mother of Nathan, a patient at the R.C.H., on a drug trial supported by CIKA. Nathan’s sister, Mahala, wanted to show her appreciation for the support received by the family and organized a fundraiser with the goal of raising a thousand dollars, and then to have her very long and beautiful hair cut short. In the event, she raised more than double this amount. Here she is handing over her donation to CIKA President, Sandra Lehrer while RCH Auxiliaries Manager, Michelle Rule, holds her certificate of appreciation. Please click here to read Mahala’s Story.

Margaret Greenwood

Margaret Greenwood and her late husband Geoff have supported CIKA for many years. Margaret is known as the "Jam Lady" and has donated tens of thousands of dollars to the RCH through the sale of her homemade jams, sauces and aprons. In fact, she has now passed the $150,000 mark.

Margaret has shown great dedication and is a welcome sight when she sets up her stand at the RCH. Thank you, Margaret, for being part of the CIKA team.

Martha and Michael
Martha and Michael have provided CIKA member Pam Phillips with more Teddy Bears than she can count for sale on her market stalls at The Pines Shopping Centre and, from time to time, in the foyer of the RCH. We are so grateful to them for their efforts on our behalf.
Some of the bears.
Making a delivery

Methodist Ladies' College, Kew Year 7 "Build a Basket"
The year seven "Build a Basket" programme has provided hundreds of items for silent auctions at numerous CIKA events over the past few years, raising over thirty thousand dollars between 2005 and 2013. Here are three photographs of the 2014 students and parents in full swing. The result of their efforts was another two thousand dollars for the fight against childhood cancer. By 2017 the amount raised had passed $50,000.

Methodist Ladies' College, Kew Year 9 "Cooking for Cash"

"Cooking for Cash " is an annual initiative of a group of year nine students at Methodist Ladies' College in Kew. Every year since 2006 a small group of students has elected to raise money for CIKA by creating a small catering business. Meals that they cook in the Home Economics Department are available for purchase by staff during term four. In 2011, inspired by their teacher Debbie Hudson, the girls raised a record $1,393.90, but Debbie and her girls bettered this in 2012 with an amazing $1480.00. In 2013 they topped $1,500 and in 2014 their efforts produced $1534 for CIKA. This initiative continues to go from strength to strength and has now reached around $14,000. Great work girls!

Click here to read what two of the 2012 participants wrote about their experience.

Melbourne High School, South Yarra
The Simon Bergman Memorial Scholarship is presented annually to an outstanding student at Melbourne High School. Simon was a student at the school in 1996 when he succumbed to Hodgkins’ lymphoma.

The scholarship is funded by Simon's parents, Fred and Leah who presented it to this year's winner, Tony He at the year nine final assembly at the school on 5 December 2012. CIKA was also represented by president, Sandra Lehrer, and Ellie Pateras from the RCH Foundation.

In earlier discussions with Fred Bergman, the School expressed an interest in supporting CIKA in its efforts to eliminate childhood cancer. The first fundraiser, a free dress day held in late November, raised $1,338.98 which was presented to the CIKA team at the assembly.

CIKA is most grateful to the school for their efforts on our behalf, and a big thank you to Fred and Leah for including CIKA and the RCH in such an important day.

Sandra, Fred, Tony and Ellie

Tony with his mother (far left),
Leah, Fred and their grandson, Kovi.

The Naturally Cool Big Band

The Naturally Cool Big Band joined forces with the Gisborne Peak Winery in the Macedon Ranges for an afternoon of food, wine, music and fellowship on Sunday January 19 2014. Special thanks must go to the band for donating their services and choosing CIKA to be the recipient of moneys raised on the day. For more, please click here.
The Band repeated its 2014 success with a second concert at the Sunbury Bowling Club on Sunday 20 August 2016. CIKA vice president Ellen Webb spoke at the event and all who attended had a good time.

The raffle and guessing competition raised $795 for CIKA.

O'Heas Bakery

CIKA is very grateful for the continuing support we receive from the Arena brothers at O'Heas Bakery. Jim, Joe and Nick are constant tin rattlers for CIKA. Their sixtieth birthday celebrations in December 2016 raised over $2,200 for CIKA. Their baked goods and large array of continental foods are legendary. Call in at 203 O'Hea St, Coburg.

Pippa Rea
Eleven-year-old Pippa Rea lost her battle with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, a very aggressive and virtually incurable form of brain tumour, in March 2015. Now we have Pippa's own artwork raising funds to help support research into this devastating disease. In addition, Pippa's tumour is helping researchers at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute and other laboratories worldwide in their search for a cure. To read more about Pippa's legacy, please click here.

Rod's Fruit and Veg
The Old Time Wood Days is one of CIKA's most important fundraising events and we are extremely grateful to the many individuals and organisations who regularly support this activity. Amongst these are Rod and his son Scott (left) have been very generous sponsors of CIKA for many years. In particular, their donation of fruit and vegetables helps us to feed the 130 or so people at the very popular Wood Days' Saturday night dinner, something which is eagerly anticipated by our hungry participants. We urge all our supporters to visit them at Stand 40 in the South Melbourne Market.

The 106th Byaduk and Community Spring Show
The 106th Byaduk and Community Spring Show, held on November 3 2012, was a family fun day with activities and competitions for all – flowers, produce, arts, crafts, stalls, children’s activities and afternoon tea.

As well as being a great success for the local community, it also raised $1,500 for CIKA.

Click here for photographs.

The Stitch and Giggle Group at Cardinia Waters Village
CIKA is most grateful to be the recipient of a donation of $1395.50 from this group which, thanks to Ann and Ron Fisher, who have been contributing goods to the RCH for many years, joined CIKA's fundraising team in May 2014. To read more, please click here.

Members of the "Stitch and Giggle Group" are great advocates for CIKA and have not only raised a lot of money for us but have also donated product for our stalls. The wonderful clowns, made by Anne, are highly sought after and a quick sell when they arrive at our stalls.

When the opportunity arose to organise a raffle with the fantastic help from this amazing group, one member, Kevin Walsh put up his hand and donated a handmade wall decoration, the "Tree of Life". This beautifully made and framed artwork was inspired by the journey on which many children with cancer go, and was first prize in the raffle. Our thanks also to Janet Cox for the donation of a handcrafted quilt, to Pam Phillips for the highly sought after Mercedes scoot-along car and to Michael Newby who generously donated another wishing well as fourth prize.

A big thank you to all those who contributed to this great fundraiser. The amount raised was a stunning $4023 and the tickets were drawn at the RCH at a morning tea where the CIKA team was joined by members of thegroup. It was fitting that first prize was won by a team member of the Children's Cancer Centre at the RCH.

Trentham CWA
CIKA member Ruth Edelsten and Macedon Ranges Focus Group member Lesley McKibbin started running monthly stalls at the Trentham Sunday market early in 2016. They developed many friendships with other stallholders over the year and, in October, were presented with a cheque for $500 from the members of the Trentham CWA. The CWA members who are also stall attendees were inspired by the dedication of the CIKA team and appreciate the research that is undertaken at the RCH. CIKA is most grateful for this generous donation.

Willie Wallace
Thanks Willie for another generous donation of beautiful hand made items for the CIKA stalls. How lucky are we to have such kind and thoughtful supporters.

Yvonne is 79 years young. She has a creative mind and skilled craft hands which have produced many a fine piece of art work over the years. Yvonne was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease several years ago but has maintained her creativity by knitting to her heart's content in support of others in need. We, the CIKA team, are most appreciative of Yvonne for coming on board to knit for the our stalls. Thank you, Yvonne.