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Cardinia Waters Village

October 2017

Pam Phillips made another visit to Cardinia Waters Village where she was, yet again, deluged with donations for sale on her popular fundraising stalls. Here is her report.

Recently I received a phone call from Ann from Pakenham, the lady who makes the clowns, dolls and other items for CIKA. She has donated in excess of a hundred clowns and we sell them for $35 each. Ann is aware that we sold all our clowns at the last function at Blairgowrie. She has made more - whacko!!!

I agreed to visit her house this morning to collect the items she has made and also knitwear from other ladies at the Village (Cardinia Waters Retirement Village at Pakenham). Upon arrival, my eyes were drawn to the beautiful clowns all sitting on the couch. There were six. Sitting next to them were Humpty Dumpty and four beautiful dolls. Two of the four dolls were twins, one girl and one boy, dressed in identical fabrics. I cannot wait to sell them to some grandma for her adoring grandkids!

Then, on the next couch there were three cradles, each with a porcelain doll and beautifully dressed by Ann; each cradle had a lacy pillow and bed cover to match. The porcelain dolls are actually hand made by a lady at the Village. She gave them to Ann for CIKA. In the adjoining chair was an assortment of beautiful hand knitted garments made by various ladies at the Village. Talk about quality!!

We then commenced our walk to the community area where the Village Fete was being held. On the way over, another lady handed me a beautifully knitted, coloured blanket, large enough to cover a single bed. She then gave me a small bag which included a tiny blue jumper and pants to match for a very small baby boy. The knitting is so fine, it is almost like cotton. Quite exquisite.

We arrived at the community area. It has the loveliest outlook over a huge lake which is home to many varieties of ducks and other birds.

The room was “pumping”. There are three hundred units at Cardinia Park and I think all the occupants had arrived for the hot scones, cake and coffee. I was introduced to a number of the ladies who knit for CIKA. They had many stalls, several with jams, chutneys, cakes and biscuits. Guess who frequented that stall (and who could not wait to get home to try each variety)! One of the stalls had lovely knitted dolls, scarves etc etc. They also had small dolls, beautifully made and selling for only $4 each. I could not resist them. I purchased five and intend donating them to CIKA for our next stall with a price tag of $10 each!! That beats slaving over a pair of knitting needles.

May 2016

Pam Phillips has provided us with the following report on the recent generous donations from CIKA's wonderful supporters at Cardinia Waters Village.

Our wonderful CIKA friend, Ann Fisher, invited me to her home today for a fund raising morning tea for the Cancer Council. Ann is a survivor.

Following the morning tea, she invited several members of the Cardinia Waters community for lunch. Each person has either sewn, knitted, crocheted or built something beautiful for us to sell at our stalls. They are a fantastic group of people who are genuinely interested in, and care for, CIKA, which has been supported by their generosity over the past three years.

On behalf of CIKA, today I received the following items.

Ann excelled herself, again, with her beautiful dolls and clowns, but apart from them, she dressed a doll in a beautiful hand knitted outfit and made a bassinet, with all the trimmings, for the doll to sleep in. Some lucky little girl will treasure that.

Renae knitted a beautiful, short- sleeve ladies top. A garment to be worn with classy jeans or trousers. Whilst we were chatting about a potential price, one of the ladies present asked what I would sell it for. I said either $50 or $60. She said she would pay $55 for it and handed over the money. Renae also knitted 2 lovely cot rugs.

Nellie knitted a lovely brown jumper to fit a boy about eight years of age – fantastic as all the other jumpers I have are much smaller in size. She also gave me three cot blankets, two beautiful beanies and a gorgeous knee rug which a friend of hers had knitted.

Mick is the man who has built many Wishing Wells for us – beautifully hand crafted items which have always sold extremely well. He handed me $320.00 for items which he had made and sold within the community.

This group of people never ceases to amaze me. They are so generous in all ways, both with the items they make and emotionally. I am so happy that I met Ann and Ron, who welcomed me into their home and started this amazing journey.

May 2014

The generous people at Cardinia Waters Village have recenty joined the CIKA team with a donation of $1395.50. Village resident, Graeme Taylor, has provided this report.

It started with a simple luncheon invitation by Ann and Ron Fisher, who live in the village and are volunteers on the hospital CIKA stall, to stall organiser, Pam Phillips, and her helper, Lois Staunton. Also at lunch that day were village residents Nell Scalzo and Renee Taylor who are involved in several village activity groups. They knew nothing about CIKA but by end of lunch were well and truly fully informed and indoctrinated.

As a result and soft urging from the “village four”, subsequent village activity group gatherings of residents decided to support CIKA. This was a project that obviously had hit a chord with residents – and the fact that the village is comprised of lots of grandparents helped as well.

So, off they went. The Stitch and Giggle girls (also known by a less flattering name which we cannot publish here) stitched, sewed and created lots of crafty thingummybobs. The keepers of the village library book stall sales decided to help. The Wednesday craft group created the most amazing cards for sale. And, together, they had a morning tea and sale of craft and other goods, as well as auctioning off some major donated items. A total of $1077.10 was gathered from the morning’s activities for donation to our cause.

But then the Village Singers decided to help and, from a Frank Sinatra Tribute Show, “Ol Blue-eyes is Back”, held one Saturday night in the village, a further $318.40 was donated.

Altogether a total of $1395.50 was raised by the groups and a cheque subsequently presented to Pam at a small luncheon put on by the Stitch & Bitch girls on Tuesday 20 May. All this from a simple luncheon invitation - and so our network grows - fantastic!

The group listens attentively ...

... to Pam Phillips who is always happy to spread the CIKA message
Pam Phillips is seen here receiving the cheque. Many thanks to this wonderful group.

The breakdown of funds raised is:

Combined stalls, auction, morning tea donation and individual donations $969.90;

Book sales on the library group stall $107.20;

Village Singers' Frank Sinatra tribute show $318.40.

The total raised and donated to CIKA was $1395.50.

To the residents who have supported the respective group efforts, our sincere thanks.

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