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Department of Justice South East Metropolitan Region

The CIKA team has enjoyed a relationship with the Department of Justice South East Metropolitan Region for many years during which we have enjoyed the results of their programmes. These provide a great opportunity for offenders on works orders to be involved in projects that help others, and this year CIKA was the beneficiary of their card making programme. We were inspired by Tracey, a graduate of the programme, who addressed the many volunteer groups that attended the function where she gave an emotional and articulate description of her journey; her honesty is to be admired. Sala and Renate represented CIKA and Sala addressed the gathered groups, discussed the work we do and thanked the women for the beautiful array of cards that have been made for us to sell.

CIKA members Sala and Renate are seen here with Bev and Danka from the Department of Justice shown with some of the participants in the program.

Some of the cards were on display for the day.

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