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CIKA is committed to providing funding for research into solid tumours

Duyvestyn Citation Information - Cancer in Kids @ RCH - CIKA

2015 Moyne Shire Australia Day
Award Recipient Citation

Moyne Shire Council – 2015 Citizen of the Year Award Recipient Citation

Mr Andrew Duyvestyn and Mrs Christine Duyvestyn

The Citizen of the Year Award acknowledges outstanding service and contribution over a number of years given by a citizen to their local community.

Andrew and Christine have been jointly awarded the 2015 Moyne Shire Australia Day Citizen of the Year Award in recognition of their outstanding service to the community.

Andrew and Christine Duyvestyn have embarked on a crusade to support cancer research at the 'The Royal Children's Hospital' in Melbourne, following the successful treatment of cancer for their son Dean, through fundraising for Cancer in Kids Auxiliary (ClKA) fund. Although the Royal Children's Hospital is Melbourne based it is a health facility for all Victorians and provided for country people who have sick children. The financial support given to the ClKA through the fundraising efforts of Andrew and Christine Duyvestyn, have assisted to treat children from our community who are unfortunately diagnosed with cancer and require the assistance of the Royal Children's Hospital.

Andrew and Christine have established a number of programs to support the Kids in Cancer Auxiliary, some of which include:

"Wood Days" established in 1996 as a fun weekend for family and friends to work horses, engines and wood cutting equipment in a bush setting "like it was in the old days". This all takes place on Andrew and Christine's 14 hectare bush block.
Cutting and selling wood to raise money
Selling calendars
Each year they take time from work to ensure that all the children have a coach ride

10 day horse coach drive from Western District to Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne

The following details expand on the above initiatives:
The "Wood Days" event brings people from all parts of the state to attend this two day event where the good old days are brought back to life, effectively brining potential tourist dollars to the community.

Andrew and Christine serve on the committee established to conduct the "The Old Time Wood Days", which is now in its 19th year and has become one of the major fundraiser events for the Cancer In Kids @ RCH fund and it is their energy and enthusiasm that has created a large band of volunteers and supporters who donate their time to assist in the running of this weekend. The annual event has raised over $160,000 since its inception.

They also instigated the wood days calendar, it is designed and printed free of charge and all monies raised is donated to the RCH, Andrew and Christine sell & distribute about 2,000 calendars each year, raising a total of $10,000 each year.

Andrew and Christine attend as many fundraising events associated with ClKA as they can possibly manage, in particular they set aside days each year to assist with the setup of The Blue and Orange Ball held at The Sebel Albert Park, hosted by Patron Mr Peter Mitchell.

They collect donated product, invite family and friends and they encourage many others to give, so that the outcomes for children with cancer can be improved. Through their work with ClKA they not only raise money but awareness.

When the ClKA committee was approached to help raise $50,000 for the purchase of a Leica microscope to be used for research into solid cancerous tumours, Christine, Andrew and family, and a loyal band of helpers organised a fund-raising coach drive from the Western District to Melbourne. Andrew and Christine in conjunction with the Lions Club Victoria planned and managed a ten day horse and coach drive. They started their trip in Port Fairy in April 2013 arriving at the Royal Children's Hospital 10 days later.

The logistics of this event were enormous, Christine and Andrew's vision for their coach drive turned into a reality after two years in the making. This event with the help of the Duyvestyn family, friends and an abundant amount of volunteers was an overwhelming success. A total of $74,000 was raised.

Not only did the coach drive fund the purchase of the microscope, it also raised awareness of solid cancerous tumours in children. The coach drive caught the attention of hundreds of people along the way. This and the many fund raising events the Duyvestyn's are involved in demonstrates a true example of an inspirational couple who display passion, commitment & dedication to helping others.

Andrew and Christine have earned the respect of many of their peers with the absolute focus they have with raising money for vital research. Andrew and Christine have the utmost respect from the community for the support that they give to The Royal Children's Hospital.

Several years ago Andrew and Christine were presented with the Living Treasures award in recognition of the great contribution they have given to the Royal Children's Hospital, a well-deserved award, and they were amongst the youngest of recipients to ever receive the award.

They have also been awarded the ClKA Champions award.

In 2013 the Lions Club were awarded the Brian Priest Award for all the work that was accomplished on the successful coach drive.

In August 2014 Andrew and Christine were presented with the Madge Tate Award, this award is presented each year to an auxiliary member who was shown great leadership and diligence in fundraising for the Royal Children's Hospital. This year, and for the first time in history of this award, Andrew and Christine were the joint recipients of this prestigious award.

Due to Andrew and Christine's contribution and hard work they are keeping the traditional old timber techniques alive by demonstrating and teaching skills of the past. They are restoring and preserving items and practices for future generations for educational and informative information for the future.

Andrew has not limited his time to the ClKA program; he readily assists other causes in the community with his Cobb & Co coach and horses. Andrew is always willing to attend processions or parades for any events and if it's for a charity he is only too willing to donate his time at no cost and has been known to work all day with is Cobb & Co coach and horses and donated proceeds back to the organisation.

Andrew and Christine espouse the true value of community volunteers; they have given their time to help others through fund raising and enriched many people's lives with their contribution to keep the traditions of the past going through:

working with wood
machinery from the pastoral industry
clydesdale horses
horse drawn coaches.

Andrew and Christine contribute many hours of volunteer work that adds value to community life. They hold such inspiring qualities. I believe recognition should be given to extraordinary people like them. They are still as passionate about the work that they do as when they started. They inspire and encourage others and by their actions they have raised the profile of ClKA. They have remarkable strength and depth in their leadership and have set a wonderful legacy to pass onto others.

More information if required can be downloaded from www.cika.org.au

Current member of the Knebsworth Country Fire Authority (CFA) - member for 30yrs
Cub leader at Somerville Cub/Scout Group in 1970 - 1yr
Scout leader at Hamilton 1st Scout Group 1989-1992 - 4yrs
Current member Byaduk Recreation Reserve Creek Frontage Committee – member for 19yrs
Current and founding member of the Western District Bird Club
Member Byaduk Indoor Bowling Club - 15yrs - President 1994, 1995-1996 & 2003
Member Branxholme Indoor bowling Club - 2yrs
Wool Week Committee, Hamilton – 10yrs
Current member of the Hamilton Pastoral Museum – for over 20yrs, President for 7yrs
A volunteer organisation that provides an education facility that preserves and presents practices of local pastoral history to the public. Their aim is to restore and preserve items and practices for future generations.
Andrew has always made his Clydesdale horses and coach available for any events the museum conducts.
Andrew joined the Lions Club of Macarthur and District in March 2006 and become president in 2010 and held the position of president for 2yrs
Macarthur 150th Celebration committee member.
Founding and current member of the western district branch of the Macarthur Historical Society - 25yrs.
Past member of the Working Draft Horse Association - 20yrs
Current member of the Avicultural Society of Australia – 48yrs
Member of the Commonwealth Clydesdale Society – 40yrs

Cub leader at Somerville Cub/Scout Group in 1970 - 1yr
Cub leader at Hamilton 1st Scout Group 1985-1990 – 5yrs
Member for 19yrs on the Byaduk Recreation Reserve Creek Frontage Committee.
Secretary - Treasurer for 9yrs and held the position until recently
Member Byaduk Indoor Bowling Club - 15yrs - President 2001 & 2001 - (Club ceased to exist)
Ladies single bowling champion 1993, 1994, 1995, 1998, 2000, 2001
Member Branxholme Indoor Bowling Club - 2yrs
Member of the Lions Club of Macarthur and District 9yrs. Treasurer 2yrs. President 1yr.
Christine is currently on the Lions Club Cabinet.
Was a member of the Macarthur Primary Parent Association in the 1980’s and held the position of President and Treasurer - 1yr term at each.
Christine was involved in the implementation of the school introducing a school uniform and introduction of a food canteen.
Member of the Western District Branch of the Avicultural Society – 22yrs

Recipient of the 2012 Lions AJ Holdling Community Award
CIKA Executive Committee members – 10yrs

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