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Joshua began his support of CIKA at the age of thirteen when he set out to raise five thousand dollars. In the event, he exceeded that target by a wide margin. He described his fund raising efforts at the 2008 CIKA ball and you can read a transcript of the speech that he gave on that occasion by clicking here. This year he has set himself an even bigger challenge. Here is his description of what he and two of his friends are undertaking.

Everesting: The Hardest Challenge In Cycling… It is Called Everesting Because You Climb 8,848 Vertical Metres in One Brutal Ride

My name is Joshua Brooks Duncan. Two of my friends and I, Josh Ball and Jack Reeves, have decided to partake in Everesting, which is an endurance cycling challenge. It is not just a physical challenge, but also a mental one. We will be undertaking this on 9 December 2017 in Licola, Victoria.

Why do they call it Everesting?

This challenge is simple in principle – you carry out repeats of a chosen climb until you’ve reached the elevation of Mount Everest, which is 8,848 metres. I have calculated that the distance we will travel on the Licola road is 300 kilometres, 8,848 meters of vertical climbing and 20 hours in the saddle

The Rules of the Challenge:
The ride must focus on one hill and the descent must be on the same road as the ascent.

Breaks are allowed however sleep is not.

No walking.

The Reason for Undertaking this Challenge:
The reason for doing this is because I have, over my twenty two years, known three people who have unfortunately died from cancer. One of these friends was a five year old boy by the name of Edward, who spent most of his life in hospital. He was a very good friend of mine and my family. As an eight year old at the time, I distinctly remember looking through the window at his parents holding their boy not knowing if he would win his fight or not.

In order to raise awareness for this illness, myself and my two friends, Josh and Jack, have decided to undertake the above challenge to push our limits and gain a slim exposure to the type of physical and mental angst that cancer would be to live with.

With over 140 children being diagnosed with cancer in Victoria each year, 90% of them are treated at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Cancer in Kids Association aims to stop children from ever contracting solid tumour Cancer, but if they do, to ensure that the treatment they receive will be successful. At present the only way to move positively towards these ideals is through research.

I would ask you to please donate generously to combat a disease that impacts so many people whether it is as a patient, a family member, or a friend.

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