Past Research

CIKA is committed to providing funding for research into solid tumours

Past Research - Cancer in Kids @ RCH - CIKA

Thanks to the generosity of the CIKA supporters, we have been able to
fund a number of projects as well as essential equipment for the research laboratories at RCH. The following links give an indication of the kind of
work that CIKA has supported over the last few years.

National Cancer Institute Approval in 2000

2002 Report on Vaccine Trials

Glivec Trial Commences

2004 Collaboration with LARCH on Molecular Oncology Research

2004-2006 Research Programme

Co-Stimulation Molecule Expression on Dendritic Cells in Children with Cancer
Interim Report
Final Report

NATA Accreditation for Diagnostic Testing

The TRAIL Trial

2006 Research Projects

Rhabdoid Tumour Study

2007-2008 Research Programme

Former lead researcher, Denise Caruso, provided the following progress reports.

July 2008

December 2008 report

December 2009 report

July 2011 report

May 2012 report

Denise Caruso