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In mid 2008 Rafael Moraes was diagnosed with neuroblastoma and is currently undergoing treatment at the Children's Cancer Centre in the Royal Children's Hospital.

Rafael Moraes, right, with his mother Tash and his sister Gabriela.

Rafael is one of the many children who are treated each year in the Oncology Department at the RCH and who benefit from the ground-breaking research that is carried out there with the support of CIKA and its many volunteer fund raisers. Our aim is to find a cure for childhood cancer and we are grateful to Rafael's mother Natasha (Tash) for helping to publicise one of our fund-raising activities. Rafael's story was published in the Point Cook Banner.

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Thank you Tash and Rafael for support.

Neuroblastoma is a tumour arising from special (sympathetic) nerve cells which run in a chain like fashion up the back of a child's abdomen and chest and into the skull, following the line of the spinal cord. The most common site for a neuroblastoma to grow is in the abdomen. About 50% start in the adrenal gland lying above the kidney but some tumours grow at the back of the chest and occasionally even higher up towards the neck.

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