Rhabdoid tumour progress

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Rhabdoid Tumour Study

The Rhabdoid Tumour study was first reported in the CIKA newsletter for Spring 2006. The original article can be read by clicking here.

This study was conducted under the direction of Dr Elizabeth Algar of the Molecular Oncology Laboratory. Rhabdoid tumours are rare, and have a very high mortality rate. This research was conducted in collaboration with other hospitals here and abroad.

Significant progress was made with this project during the year ended 30 June 2007. The studies have provided evidence that supports the hypothesis of the changes in the chromosomes within the affected cells. The studies also identified a possible way to at least partlly restore some of the normal genetic and metabolic pathways in Rhabdoid Tumor cells. The findings have been published in peer-reviewed scientific literature, and will form the basis to support funding applications to the NHMRC. Dr. Algar has presented the study findings in Australia and overseas.